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Vision is one of man's most precious possessions. It allows us to witness the beauty of nature, produce works of art, cherish the face of a loved one and simply enjoy the sights of the world around us. Unfortunately, some of us, for a variety of reasons, have lost our sight. Sometimes this loss is attributable to corneal disease or injury.

What is the Baton Rouge Regional Eye Bank?

The Baton Rouge Regional Eye Bank (BRREB) was established in 1976 as a community service to provide the highest quality eye tissue to local ophthalmologists for transplant surgery. Its founding was the inspiration of Sister Lilian Lynch, OSF. BRREB is charged with the mission of public education about eye donation through workshops, health fairs and other community programs. BRREB serves hospitals, doctors and patients in South Central regions of Louisiana. It is a fully accredited member of the Eye Bank Association of America. The Executive Director is Jamie H. Collier, BS, MA, CEBT. The Chairman of the Board is David M. Dragon, MD. The Medical Director is Thomas J. Heigle, MD.

Registrations and Accreditation

For the recipient, it means renewed vision - a precious treasure regained.

Board Members
David M. Dragon, MD

Learn More about David M. Dragon
Charles E. Afeman, MD
Learn More about Charles E. Afeman
William “Beau” Clark, MD
Learn More about William “Beau” Clark
Jamie Collier, BS, MA, CEBT
Learn More about Jamie Collier
Thomas J. Heigle, MD
Learn More about Thomas J. Heigle
Ernie Landry
Learn More about Ernie Landry
Ginger Miller, RN, CEBT
Learn More about Ginger Miller
John Pastorek
Learn More about John Pastorek
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