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Dear Donor ... From Jeff

To the Donor’s Family,

Hi, my name is Jeff and my mother (Phyllis) passed away on December 7, 2011. My mother was 59 years old, a diabetic and also had heart problems.

Phyllis was married to my father (Carl) for almost 42 years and had 3 kids (Jeff, Jeremy, and Jared). Phyllis’s mother and father (Victor and Naomi) were still living when she passed away. Phyllis has two brothers and two sisters (Rodney, Frank, Linda, and Lauri). Phyllis also had two daughters-in-law (Rachel and Jessica) and 5 grandchildren (Jacob, Caleb, Grace, Emory, and Brock). Phyllis worked at several different jobs in her life, but the most important and longest job she held was the one as a home maker.

I loved my mom and she was a very good mother, grandmother, friend and person in general. In my 40 years of life with my mom, I never once heard her complain of anything or anyone. Phyllis enjoyed being with her family.  Phyllis also enjoyed attending her grandkids’ sporting events and dance recitals. Phyllis also enjoyed reading books.

The passing of my mom has deeply affected me and my family in several different ways. There is a void in the family that we will never be able to fill.

The gift of donation is one that we have been proud of making. As I received the word from the doctor that my mom had passed away, I immediately was in consideration of donating my mom’s living organs to give someone else the gift of life. I never really thought about having to do something like donating a family member’s organs, until sitting at the hospital for several hours. While sitting at the hospital I began to read the stories on the outside wall of the waiting room. Once I read the stories it was a given on what to do when they asked me after my mom had passed.

Since the passing of my mom, I have been reading the articles on the LOPA website and it brings me to tears. My tears are tears of joy knowing that we have helped someone. Just before Christmas we received a letter stating that both of my mom’s corneas have been implanted into two people to restore their vision.

Our family’s dream now would be to possibly meet the person or persons that have received the precious gift of sight from my loving mom. My mom would be proud and would not have had it done any other way.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully our family will get a chance to meet you.

Thanks: Jeff

Posted: December 17, 2012

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