Phantom Breakfast

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YOU are cordially invited to NOT attend….

A Phantom



The Baton Rouge Regional Eye Bank

Date: October 31, 2019
Time: Whatever time you decide to awaken
Place: Your own breakfast table

The morning belongs to the Phantom
No attendance required

Sleep in and avoid Baton Rouge traffic snarls
Masquerade in your most comfortable pajamas
Sing our praises as you enjoy this no-calorie breakfast
Support a worthy cause while relaxing at home

We request your generous donation as we write another act in our opus to help
support those suffering from corneal blindness.

All donations to benefit the
Baton Rouge Regional Eye Bank
and are fully tax deductible.

Now that the Phantom has taken your morning, please join him in supporting the Baton Rouge Regional Eye Bank’s mission of helping those suffering from corneal blindness. 

We acknowledge our Supporting Cast

Phantom Breakfast 2019 Sponsor List


Eye Medical Center


Applied Business Concepts, LLC

Automotive Shop Equipment, Inc.

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System, Inc.

Janice and Billy Guitreau

Petroleum Service Corporation

The Edward L. Rispone Family Foundation


Marie and Barry Allen

Campus Federal Credit Union


Bradley-Blewster & Associates, An Architectural Corporation

Telecom Pioneers

The Baton Rouge Water Company


Judy and Jack Burk

Jamie and Chris Collier

David/Robertson/Smith Group of Merrill Lynch

Sandra Fox

Group Insurance, Incorporated

Brenda and Wayne Guy

Melanie Johnson, In Memory of Nestor J. Vicknair, Jr.

Nancy and Lindsey Laird

Aimee Miciotto

Ginger and Don Miller

Jane and Joe Morton

Charlotte and Joseph Muniz

Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center

Patti and Ben Ragusa

Margaret and Ronnie Rome

Waters Investments, LLC


Barry Allen, Chair

Roxane Berthelot

Carol Bourke

Judy Burk

Casey Coughlin

Jamie Collier

Linda Dowden

Vivian Frey

Dusty Manson

Ginger Miller

Patti Ragusa

Janet Riddle

Margaret Rome

Judy Waguespack

Julia Wallace

The Phantom thanks you for your morning. Baton Rouge Regional Eye Bank thanks you for your support!